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Home >> ITT Selects DataPath’s MaxView® Network Management System for U.S. Army Ka-STARS Program
ITT Selects DataPath’s MaxView® Network Management System for U.S. Army Ka-STARS Program

MaxView’s Reliability and Flexibility Provides Effective Operations and Maintenance of the Ka Band AN/GSC-70(V)1 Earth Terminal That Supports Warfighter Communications

Duluth, Ga. — April 22, 2008 — DataPath, Inc., a leading provider of satellite and wireless communications networks around the world, has been selected by ITT Corporation (NYSE: ITT) to provide the MaxView Network Management System for managing and automating the nine-meter AN/GSC-70(V)1 Ka Band Satellite Transmit and Receive Systems (Ka-STARS) under contract to the U.S. Army Program Manager, Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems (PM-DCATS).

“With ITT’s fielding of the AN/GSC-70 earth terminals, MaxView software enhances its reputation as the industry standard for managing critical, complex government communications systems,” said Dr. Clay Stanek, vice president and general manager of DataPath’s MaxView Software Solutions division. “Deployed for DISA teleports, the U.S. Army’s DKET program and Joint Network Node/WIN T program, the U.S. Marine Corps’ SWAN program and other critical networks, MaxView is a proven, adaptable solution for maximizing network control.”

The AN/GSC-70(V)1 will operate over the Wideband Global Satellite system to provide high-bandwidth communication capability in support of military operations worldwide. The system supplements limited military X band capacity with Ka band capacity.

The MaxView Network Management System is a powerful solution used by more than 150 government and military organizations, leading broadcasters, satellite network operators and media carriers around the world. MaxView easily adapts to evolving networks, functioning as either the network “operating environment,” the network manager-of-managers, or an element control and automation system. Designed by network engineers for network engineers, its intuitive Service Creation Framework enables MaxView to be operated without any software development experience.

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